Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Autism and Stubbornness

I can handle the tantrums. I can handle the rituals. I can handle the scripting. I can even handle the shrieking. There are very few behaviors in autistic kids that really bother me, I suppose because I understand them.

But there is one behavior I just don't get. It's something like stubborness, but it's beyond stubborn. It's super-stubborn. Stubborn doesn't even begin to describe this particular behavior. Kids with autism can be so stubborn we need a new word for stubborn.

Mind you, I am stubborn. But some of my students out-stubborn me to the hundredth degree.
The first time I saw this behavior, it had something to do with Olivia the Pig.
I was teaching a little girl who LOVED Olivia the Pig. She would often say, "I want Olivia," and she would fly through our ABA activities with Olivia the Pig as her tangible reinforcer. (More to come. Too much time spent trying to out-stubborn said child with autism today ...)


Anonymous John Wills Lloyd said...

Ahh, stubborn. Now we just need to find the incompatible, pro-social opposite of stubborn and start reinforcing it under circumstances when stubborn would usually occur!

Great to see you (virtually) again!

6:51 AM  

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