Thursday, December 15, 2005


After cutting classes three days in a row, Darryl made an appearance during English today. He stormed in 20 minutes late and proclaimed, “Holla’ out for Purpleville!” Three boys responded, “Purpleville!” in unison, and they made a cryptic symbol above their heads. Darryl then jumped around the room, shook everyone’s hand, and bolted right back out the door. I managed to get in a quick, “Nice to see you Darryl,” just before he left, then I went on with my lesson.

Hmmm. Purpleville. Not sure, but I think it has something to do with “Purple Haze,” which is written inside one of the girls' bathroom stalls next an astute sketch of a marijuana leaf.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

A comment from a Bay Area Teacher:

First of all, I love your blog. I also teach special Ed in the Bay Area. Here "purple" means marijuana. This has been disseminated to your kids in the Bronx via the "Yay Area" rap craze. I'm almost positive about this.

9:18 PM  

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