Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Hip Hop Radio Wars

I have often cursed Hot 97's influence on South Bronx teens, so I was happy to read this column by Errol Louis. Well worth the read. Hot 97 - R.I.P.


Blogger Planet said...

Commercial radio should never be consideried a viable source for quality Hiphop music. How could it be when they only offer one sound-one side of Hiphop culture, the ugly side. No commercial radio is a joke. Until there's a commercial radio revolution to change the format of all these stations across the country, I will continue to ignore and tune them out. I suggest you do the same.

9:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Being a broadcaster with 25 years of experience (on-air) I have found that NOTHING scares a radio station more than viable complaints made to the FCC regarding profanity on the air. I urge you to call or email the FCC (there's an office in New York, and an easy to find website) and make an official complaint. This radio station is owned by a rather big corporation (a rather respected one at that). Right down the time and date you heard vulgar, sexually explicit language and report it! The FCC feels strongly that the airwaves are public property. Another way to "help" a radio station clean up it's act is to CALL or VISIT their advertisers. Let them know how disgusting the station is. Make a personal call to the General Manager, calling the studio or "request" line with a complaint will never get to to top management.

On another note, make sure the bus company is NOT allowing the station to be played on the bus. Kids who might not ever be exposed to that crap will be if it's played on the bus.

But remember, make the FCC complaint!

8:43 PM  
Anonymous Sherella said...

Funny, I've heard Wendy Williams and seems like listeners are just trading the "N-word" for sex and tawdry gossip, but maybe Wendy's changed...though Steve Harvey's content can also be very sexual in nature.

I'm down for talking about sex with my students...safe sex.

I love the title of your blog...I know that moment was hilarious for you ;)

11:19 PM  

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