Friday, January 27, 2006

"Miss Dennis is a Latin King"

Darryl never ceases to amaze me with his outrageous comments. Today was teacher/student crossdressing day - no, not that kind of crossdressing. Students dressed up as teachers and vice versa. I wore my old Earl Boykins Warriors basketball jersey and baggy jeans. I thought my students would laugh at how ridiculous I looked, but I have in fact never been more popular.

When Little Charles (who was wearing a dress shirt and tie) saw me, he said, "Whoa! Miss D! I knew you was down like Missy Elliot."

Uh, not quite Charles. (Charles calls me Missy Elliot whenever I unwittingly wear something associated with hip hop, such as my North Face jacket or my pink Kangol hat. Who knew?)

Not to be outdone by Charles, when Darryl saw my jersey, he shouted, "Miss Dennis is a Latin King!"

Darryl has a knack for blurting out statements that are at once hilarious and horrifying (such as the title of this blog). The Latin Kings are a Puerto Rican gang still thriving in the South Bronx (despite Bloomberg's insistence that gang activity in New York City is under control). My jersey happened to have the Latin Kings' gang colors - gold and black. Darryl proceeded to draw me a gold and black crown during English class.

While I can laugh about how ridiculous this moment was, it was also hearbreaking to see this kid becoming so entrenched in gang culture. Every kid around him also knew exactly what he was referrring to. To Darryl and his classmates, it is perfectly normal to see gold and black and think "Latin Kings."

When I was a kid, when I saw gold and black, I thought "bumblebee."


Blogger TEACHER SOL said...

You entry made me smile...and your last line made me really laugh!!!
That was a good idea for an activity with my students, just to break the routine...

11:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sadly schools in the Bronx serve as the source for recruiting and survival of gangs.

Just as there is a sex ed requirement for students, there should be a gang prevention education requirement for students.

2:13 AM  

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